We insure your holiday


Sunassistance travel insurance with maximum protection .

You don’t want to miss any holidays and you like to spend them abroad or somewhere else, but not at home. Away from your daily life. Having a sun tan, swimming in the sea or the swimming pool, skiing, scuba diving, hiking, ….Great !
Of course you want a holiday without worries or problems. That is why you need a Sunassistance travel insurance ! Our travel insurances offer maximum protection wherever you travel.

Travel insurances with standard or premium cover and some additional travel insurance options.

Sunassistance offers temporary and annual travel insurances with several options.
Choose the travel insurance that is right for you and that best suits your needs.

Temporary travel insurance : the perfect choice for one or two holidays per year.
Yearly travel insurance : the perfect choice for the frequent traveller.

Do you choose an all in one travel insurance package or is a cancellation only travel insurance sufficient ?
An individual or a family travel insurance cover ? Make your choice !

Travel insurances with great value for money !

There are a lot of travel insurances on the market. Why choosing a Sunassistance travel insurance ?
Because we offer travel insurances with well-balanced packages at very affordable prices.
That is why Sunassistance has more and more loyal clients / travellers.
Individuals, families, businesspeople, companies, schools, groups….Will you be the next one ?
Just book online in a few steps and print your travel insurance policy !

Have a save trip !